But didn’t his character die at the end? Read more after the jump…

Ain’t It Cool News came across this email about the change from prequel to sequel of the next I Am Legend film.

Let’s start at the beginning. Smith is actually the one who developed the initial story. It took place several years before the original film and there were still pockets of survivors and the story centered around Smith interacting, bonding, and ultimately failing to save them. For months this was the story. Warner’s didn’t much care for it and Smith and Weiss eventually came on board and all parties agreed to change things up. Well this change is pretty insane, the film is no longer a prequel, it’s a f*&^ing sequel!

The site also said that they had never interacted with this scooper before, so this news should be “consumed with a grain of salt.” Of course, the studio hasn’t commented on the development of I Am Legend 2 and the news is fairly tricky since Will Smith didn’t exactly make it out of the first film unscathed…

We’ll certainly keep you posted on any developments concerning I Am Legend 2.

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