N2U’s Don Lee helps bring Strom Thurmond’s dream for the Negro closer to fruition by penning an ode to the black man’s kryptonite for our friends at McDonald’s.

I know what you’re thinking. “Who the hell is ‘N2U?'”

In case for some strange reason you missed “Baby Mama Love,” N2U is one of those groups considered a high risk to have a chocolateer defect for a project like this.

Aside from being a member of N2U, Lee only further perpetuates the stereotype of black men being shiftless womanizers.

I’m betting the Popeye’s version of this commercial would keep this scenario a little realer.

“Nigga, why are you still here? *sigh* *smacks teeth* I knew I shouldn’t have left you in here when I went to work in the morning.”

Only a bum-ass nigga who sat around a house other than his own all day would write a panhandler’s jingle for someone else’s chicken nuggets than go down the road and get his own. I wouldn’t give his bum ass a motherfuckin thing either. He couldn’t even get the nugget shavings or loose fries at the bottom of the bag.

Independent Sister Girl comes home from a hard day of work and a nigga wanna take chicken out of her plate? This is why I don’t let my nephew sit in front of The Negro Channel after school.

“This is about something you’re too young to understand, Little Man. This is about McNugget Love!

My homegirl Cathryn Marie went in on the video this weekend and wrote a letter to the slavemasters at McDonald Corp. I recommend everyone give it a once over and offer a signature if the spirit moves you.

I, for one, am indeed “lovin’ it.”

Questions? Comments? Requests? Creeeeeeeeeepennnnn?!

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