The Spring weather has me spoiled, and I know it just got here, but it’s never too early to get in shape and think about basking in the Summer sun. I mean, what’s better than hot fun in the Summertime?

Aside from taking in sun on the beach and stuffing your face at every BBQ you can get to, you should definitely visit some of the hottest clubs in some of the most vibrant cities the good ole U.S. of A has to offer.

That said, I’ve enlisted several acquaintances of mine to put you on to the most popular and trendiest hot spots around because we want to make your 2010 Summer one to remember!

So if you party like these folks do, then you’ll be partying like rock stars, and even if you don’t you’ll still remember some nights forever – (you’ll probably want to forget one or two as well too.)

1. Cameo, Miami

South Beach is littered with trendy clubs and lounges worth mentioning but Amazin Amie thinks Cameo nightclub takes the cake. “I always have a good time at Cameo. It’s like a movie, both inside and out,” says the beautiful video vixen.

2. XS The Nightclub, Las Vegas

Whenever you think about things to do in Vegas, you probably think about gambling but XS The Nightclub is the right place to be if you want to party and shake your tail feather. Grammy-winning producer Rico Love co-signed XS. “The energy is crazy and they always have a great DJ.”

3. Velvet Room, Atlanta

Hotlanta is definitely a party city and according to boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. the Velvet Room is the place to rock out at. “Whenever I’m in Atlanta I visit Velvet Room. It’s a nice place to chill at after a long day of being Floyd “Money” Mayweather – the music’s not bad either [laughing].”

4. Umbria, Boston

I know the nightlife in the Big Apple is great and all, but don’t sleep on Beantown. One of Boston’s premier night scenes Umbria is a great spot for a late night rendezvous. “Good fun and always drama free people,” says DJ Pup Dawg, of Boston’s JAMN 94.5 FM.

5. Club Bed, Miami

If the name alone doesn’t intrigue you then Club Bed’s ambiance is sure to. Nightlife aficionado Derek Cowan, CEO of PrimeStar Entertainment Group, points out its “great lighting” and added Club Bed “Always know how to treat a VIP and the crowd is always diverse.”

6. King of Diamonds, Miami

If it’s true that good things come in threes than South Beach has it covered. If Cameo or Club Bed doesn’t suit the inner party freak in you, then you might want to give Kings of Diamonds a shot – figuratively and literally. Philthy Rich Records CEO, James McNair sums up the gentlemen’s club perfectly. “How can you go wrong with good music, champagne and legs for days.” Don’t worry ladies, you too can enjoy the sexy gents letting it rain – sheesh you might find yourself a baller.

7. 1 Oak, New York City

Now what would a list of late night hot spots be without alluding to the city that never sleeps? So if you’re in New York this Summer make sure you step into One of a Kind, more properly known as 1 Oak. Sexy, yet sophisticated, 1 Oak is a great place to mingle and rub shoulders with the city’s tastemakers. “1 Oak is very sleek and sexy just like me. Always an organically good time without the penthouse pretentiousness,” says Dean Singh, of independent clothing line Aknowledge.

All in all, looks like the place to be this Summer might be M.I.A. Time to book my flight!

If you’ve been to any of these clubs let us know what you think of each. I’d like to know what you think. Hit me up on Twitter @SaidArie.

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