After the disaster that was Glitter, Mariah Carey returns with a vengeance in the upcoming film – Tennessee – to some glowing reviews.

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The actor, best known for his role as Cedric Daniels on HBO’s “The Wire,” says he was pleasantly surprised by her performance after the two filmed their first scene together – in which he shoves her up against a wall and grabs her face.

She pulled it off,” Reddick tells People magazine. “She really took it seriously. She was committed to proving that she could do this.”

In the movie due out in January, Carey plays a waitress named Krystal, who tries to escape her abusive husband, portrayed by Reddick, by going on a road trip with two brothers.

I saw all the subtlety in her work, and it’s really beautiful,” says Reddick, adding that Carey is “very sweet” in person.

After this, I think she’s going to have a film career, if she wants one. She is good,” he adds.

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