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Rap star Ice Cube has signed on to play a police officer in the upcoming movie Rampart, which will focus on the notorious unit within the Los Angeles Police Department.

The flick is being written by screenwriter James Ellory, will feature Ice Cube starring as a homicide detective investigating the dirty actions of a police officer played by actor Woody Harrelson.

The movie focuses on the sweeping CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) anti-gang program of the early 1990’s that left many African-American males brutalized at the hands of police officers.

“The Rampart scandal, (was) a stick of dynamite with a wet fuse. Rampart is another of these misperceived criminal conspiracies. It’s really the story of a handful of rogue, criminal cops who ratted out a wider number of untainted cops to save their own skins,” Ellroy told National Review Online in 2005. “And the entire event blew out of proportion into a media event that most people took to represent large-scale endemic corruption in the LAPD. In reality it wasn’t that. Cops are afraid to do their jobs now. There are nuisance suits filed routinely on officers who bruise the pinkies of violent street suspects, and they all have to be dealt with through the civilian complaint process. This wastes time and diverts energy from the real business of police work.”

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