Last night in Las Vegas Floyd “Money” Mayweather defeated “Sugar” Shane Mosley by unanimous decision improving to a perfect 41-0-0 with 25 KOs.

With the exception of some hard rights landed in the second round, Mosley was completely outmatched by the younger Mayweather for most of the fight.

“Sometimes you’re going to get hit with big shots, you have to suck it up and fight hard like a warrior,” Mayweather said of the second round where he seemed to be stunned. But he more than recovered in subsequent rounds.

In a very lopsided contest a more efficient Mayweather landed 208 total punches to Mosley’s 92. They threw 477 and 452 punches respectively.

The question remains now if Mayweather will finally fight Manny Pacquiao. The undefeated fighter insisted that he would fight Pac Man but only if he submitted to a blood and urine test.

“I just want to fight on an even playing field,” he concluded. “I want to be treated fairly.”

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