Dear Beyonce,

We thought you were taking some time off.

I mean, we saw you out there learning how to drive, spending some time on the beach to get some sun, hanging out with your sister and husband at the Coachella festival (even if you did pop up on stage for a few minutes).  It actually looked like you were gonna make good on that promise you made awhile back to stay out of our faces for a much needed spell and work on that bucket list..  We’re okay with the random guest appearances, like when you showed up at that Alicia Keys concert, and we’ll excuse the Lady Gaga “Telephone” video, because that was filmed before you promised to go away.

But a brand new video from your I Am… Sasha Fierce album that came out, what seems like an eternity ago?

This is unacceptable.

Whatever happened to being true to your word, Beyoncé?

Wait a minute…

Now that I think about it, you haven’t gone away at all. You just haven’t been putting out any new music.

I guess we can take solace in knowing that our ears have some time to recover before a new Beyoncé woman’s anthem comes out and gets overplayed.


Bill from

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