Solar, the business partner of Guru, has lashed out at the accusations that he was mentally controlling and physically abusive to the late founder of Gang Starr.

Tasha Denham, a woman that has a child with Solar, made salacious accusations that Guru was punched in the face and beaten by his former business partner.

“This is from a groupie that has no knowledge of anything about me and Guru. It’s unbelievable that they even put her up there. She never lived with Guru. She never knew Guru,” he retorted in an exclusive interview with UK’s Conspiracy Radio. “She was a little groupie chick that did a little work for us here and there. [We] had a little relationship that lasted all of 10 minutes. And she was gone.”

He dismissed the claims as nonsense stating that there were no official reports or documentation that he was abusive to Guru.  “She’s just making up tales. And why wouldn’t Guru punch me back?”

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