Mothers Day is here and I must admit we all (well most of us) love our moms to death and beyond. I just have a feeling that these special celebrities suffer from “Mommas Boy” syndrome. Mommas Boy syndrome aka the Baby Boy syndrome is an overwhelming reliance and adoration for ones mom. Classic example- Jody from Baby Boy:

Some Symptoms May Include:

-Living at home with mom when you’re in your 30’s.

-Getting upset when your mom won’t buy you the hottest car or gear from the store.

-Letting your mom run and ruin your relationships.

-Playing “dress-up” in your mothers clothes.

-Listening to and only behaving around their mother.

-Thinking they’re god’s gift to women because their mother told them so.

Now here is all the evidence you will need:

If your mom can talk about your sex tape openly then there is a problem.

Madea is definately a Mommas Boy look how he/she chops it up with Oprah- only moms love Oprah! She/he even gives relationship advice.

Only a mommas boy would get punched in the back of the head an do nothing. He probably called his mom crying when he got inside!

Now only a momma’s boy would cringe at the sight of a girls nipple.

Hm, Ushers mom had her say so in their relationship.

On the phone with your mom, giggling like a little boy- SMH

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