Rapper and pro-nudist eco-pioneer, Ludacris, has landed in the Guinness Book of Records – after stripping off to take part in the world’s largest group shower.

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The “Area Codes” star completed the challenge as part of his and pal Tommy Lee’s TV show Battleground Earth, which explores ways to help the environment.

He reveals, “Saving planet earth is hard. It’s all about reducing, reusing and recycling.

We had a load of different events, racing solar powered vehicles and we got in the Guinness Record book for the largest group shower. We had a 1,000 people.”

But Ludacris insists the shower wasn’t as raunchy as it may seem: “People did have their swimsuits and trunks on.”

And he insists off camera, he is practising as he preaches: “I’ve just bought a hybrid car, I’ve got to lead by example.”

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