Most of us can concur- moms do not like rap (for the most part). In fact they would probably ban it all together if they could. To them it’s degrading, arrogant, non- beneficial and probably raunchy. So what we did was put together seven great raps songs that a mom could co-sign.

We purposely left out the obvious smash hit “Dear Mama” by Pac.

Juvenile- She Get It From Her Mama

The ultimate homage to a mother- ” Where she get her class from? She get it from her momma” “Damn That Girl Sexy, Her momma got a** too” Where else can you find compliments for a daughter and mother in the same song?

Lil’ Wayne- My N*gga

Even though Wayne refers to his love interest as “My N*gga” he compliments her and says nothing but nice hings about a woman’s strength while holding him down! Mom would smile!

Biggie Smalls- Juicy

This inspirational song is honorable because it showcases a single mothers strife and achievements. Any mom would be proud to the woman in the video throwing something at the landlord!

Drake- I Just Want to Be Successful

Now what mother wouldn’t be proud when her son understands that being successful if essential in life.

Jay-Z- You Don’t Know

“Momma ain’t raised no fool.Put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth” That’s right, if Jay- Z was my son I would be super proud. Any mom would be proud to hear a young black man spittin’ knowledge.

LL Cool J- Mama Said Knock You Out

“Mama Said Knock You Out”- what an obedient son!

Lil Webbie- Independent

Bigging up the Independent Women without calling them  b*tches- mom would applaud!

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