Another Friday means another set of The Urban Daily Staff picks.  This week, the staff shows their love for the blog of a fallen rapper’s daughter, a bachelor’s meal of the week, a hilarious viral video, and a reality television program for the family!

JERRY BARROW: Senior Editor

What does Biggie’s daughter Tyanna like?

Check out her blog of her favorite music and fashion at!

BILL JOHNSON: Associate Editor

Being a bachelor, when it’s time to go grocery shopping, I get pretty frustrated at how most everything is packaged with a family in mind.  You can’t just buy two hamburger buns. You gotta buy all eight, knowing full well that they’re probably going to get moldy before you can eat 8 burgers.

So I always try to pick something that I’m not gonna mind eating several days throughout the week.  This week I chose turkey burgers.  Healthier than beef and just as tasty.  Add in a little garlic to the ground turkey, maybe sauteé up some green peppers and onions, get some lettuce or arugula, slice up some tomatoes, some swiss cheese.  Partner that bad boy up with a spinach salad, and I didn’t have to eat take-out once this week.


Last week I saw the most ghetto video and this week I have seen the funniest! Drake, oh Drake! Where do I start? I love your music, I think you’re a great rapper and good vocalist. I played “Night Off” like a billion times. But you’re afraid of breasts? I feel hoodwinked, what kind of rapper doesn’t like nipples?


Then you screamed “Oh My God!” LMAO! Not a good look!

Watch the video of Drake being flashed by a female fan!


I have to admit, I’ve grown a little fond of Brandy and Ray J’s “A Family Business”. I’ve always liked Brandy as an artist, and I’ve heard stories of her mother being tough, so it’s nice to see them all interact.  It’s just nice to take a break from all these horrible “Chance Of Love” and “For The Love Of Ray J” shows to see a regular family that’s grown up in the spotlight.

What have you been feeling this week?   Leave us a comment and let us know!

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