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In episode two of The Boondocks, Riley’s rapper friend Thugnificent falls on hard times. His car has been repossessed and his entourage has left him to go find “real jobs.” To make matters worse, he tries to make a “comeback” album using nothing but Autotune and picks a fight with an up-coming rapper named “Sgt. Gutta.”

It’s a great commentary on the Ice T/Soulja Boy beef as well as addressing the frustrations of rappers like Ghostface who seem to have more friends on MySpace than in the record store. And you have to love the subliminal shout out to Biggie at the end of the episode.

“That’s Auto-tuner son! It lets you sing even if you can’t sing!”

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The Real Soulja Boy video referenced in the episode:

and Ice T’s response..

and the parody..

Ghostface gets at his fans on MySpace for not buying his album…

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