Oh Rihanna! Falling offstage, passing out in London clubs, she is truly living the rock star life. So here at Urban Daily we compiled a list of the five celebrities with drinking habits and suggested some alternative treatment methods.


Problem: Drinking before her performances

Proof in the puddin: Rihanna has fallen twice onstage since being on her “Last Girl on Earth” world tour. Her first fall resulted in a trip to the hospital for rib injuries.

Solution: Hov said it best, “Once a good girl’s gone bad, she’s gone forever.” But we think she could use some positive distractions. Rihanna needs to adopt some Gulf coast animals, go protesting in Arizona (she is an immigrant after all) or write to rappers in prison. Weezy could use a penpal right about now.

Kanye West

Problem: Drinking before and during award shows

Proof in the puddin: Who can forget the infamous Kanye West storming on stage, stealing Taylor Swift’s big moment, and proclaiming that Beyonce had the best video “of all times.”  Kanye was caught on the red carpet with an open bottle of Hennessy cognac before the show.

Solution: Kanye admitted he never really dealt with the death of his mother so of course grief manifests in other ways. He needs to ring up his Chicago homey Oprah and have a sit-down that would put Tom Cruise’s to shame. They had fun back in 2005 but they haven’t spoken since his mom passed and Oprah is about to hang it up. She’d be saving her best interview for last.

Tracy Morgan

Problem: Drinking before comedy performances, live television segments, before getting behind the wheel…pretty much before he did anything.

Proof in the puddin: Tracy performed at Carnegie Hall and the performance was so shocking and graphic audience members walked out. There were sex act impressions, homosexuality insults, and a statement that the Obamas will release the first presidential sex tape. Tracy was also busted for DUI and had to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring), which is an ankle bracelet device that tests for alcohol vapors that come out of the skin. He also attributed alcoholism as the reason for his divorce.

Solution: Fortunately Tracy was able to kick his habit with the help of a SCRAM. He also gives credit to 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin for helping him with alcohol addiction. I’m sure if anyone had a device that serves as both a both house arrest device and an alcohol monitoring system AND Alec Baldwin they’d get better too.

Mariah Carey

Problem: Drinking before an award show, not realizing she would actually WIN the award

Proof in the puddin: Mariah went on stage at the Palm Springs festival, and when she accepted her award it was obvious she was drunk. Not only did she scream when Precious producer Lee Daniels picked her up and spun her around on stage, but it took her forever to get her words out. When she excused herself for being slow with her speech, she laughed and agreed with an audience member when they blurted out she was drunk.

Solution: There are only one or two things that will help kick her habit. One will help her stop drinking temporarily, while the other will could be more lasting; a pregnancy will stop the sauce for 9 months or so  but actually coming out with a good album will make her happy again. You need to call Jermaine Dupri and get it poppin again.

Mary J. Blige

Problem: Having a violent past and drinking around your now flirtatious husband at a club.

Proof in the puddin: Mary was seen this year drunk and slurring her words during her birthday party, which is a big no no for a recovering alcoholic. But who could forget the hilarious tape of Ms. “no more drama” when she slapped husband Kendu for being friendly with another woman. Being it was Mary’s album release party, I guess she felt NO ONE would steal her shine. Not even the cute waitress.

Solution: Mary should revisit her old CD collection, especially My Life. See needs to see the ‘old Mary’ versus the new. Maybe listening to her music will make her realize she doesn’t want to go back there. Or she can just watch video of  her ex’s brother Jo-Jo falling out on stage and realize that could be her!

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