Jay-Z once said “Your bodyguard’s ‘Oochie Wally’ verse was better than yours, Matter fact you had the worst flow on the whole f**kin song” in regards to Nas’ “wack” verse on “Oochie Wally.” This inspired me to look at some other rap collaborations to see who else sucked on their own track. Being a hot rapper is one thing, but jumping on a song with another hot rapper and still remaining “hot” yourself is another thing!

It’s easy – the better verse wins, and sometimes the artist you thought would win-gets bodied!

Before we get into it, peep this line from Kanye West- “This a song with Wayne so you know it’s goin’ melt. But you ain’t finna murder me like everybody else I’m a rap like I got some tight respect for myself,” now that is how every rapper should attack a track!

Jay-Z ft Eminem- Renegade

Winner: Eminem

Jay’s verse was cool but Eminem destroyed the track!

Ludacris ft Nicki Minaj- My Chick Bad

Winner: Nicki Minaj

His chick is bad alright cause I don’t know one person who listens to this song for Luda.

Lil’ Wayne ft Drake- Im Goin’ In

Winner: Drake

Wayne went in, but Drake went harder!

Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Maino, Red Cafe, Dj Self- Swag Surfin’ Remix

Winner: Fabolous

Fab bodied EVERYONE on this track (and thats a lot of people)!

Mobb Deep ft Lil’ Kim- Quiet Storm Remix

Winner: Lil’ Kim

The Queen B was harder than both the members of Mobb Deep put together.

QB Finest- Oochie Wally

Winner: Everyone but Nas

Nas your verse was the wackest.

Dem Franchise Boy ft Bow Wow, JD, Da Brat – Oh I Think They Like Me Remix

Winner:Da Brat

It would take a female to jump on the track and make it poppin’.

DJ Khaled ft T.I, Akon, Rick Ross, Wayne, Baby, Fat Joe, Lil’ Wayne- We Takin’ Over


Wayne took over that whole track!

Lil’ Wayne ft Kanye West- Lollipop Remix

Winner: Kanye

Sorry Wayne but you can lick all the lollipops (no homo) you like in the corner cause Kanye beat that a**.

Kanye West ft Jay-Z- Diamonds Are Forever Remix

Winner: Jay-Z

This may very well be one of Jay’s best verses ever! Kanye you didn’t have a chance!

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