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We love Common’s raps and we’re glad that he’s secured a place on Hollywood’s list of leading men — but is he really that good of an actor?

Recently, theBVX attended a screening of “Just Wright,” a romantic comedy where Common, in his first lead role, plays fictitious basketball star Scott McKnight. Let’s ignore the fact that he’s über-petite and focus on the film’s plot.

Leslie Wright, played by Queen Latifah, is a physical therapist that meets her favorite New Jersey Net, McKnight, by chance at a gas station. Wright likes him but he’s taken by her gorgeous gold-digging godsister Morgan, played by Paula Patton. Morgan and Scott eventually become engaged but when Scott gets injured, Morgan leaves him. Nursing a broken heart, McKnight and Wright develop a relationship as she guides him through recovery as his live-in physical therapist. Upon regaining his health, McKnight realizes that — SPOILER ALERT! — he loves Wright and the couple ride off into the sunset of happiness.

Sounds good on paper right? It would be if Common could handle a leading role or play anything other than the flat character he’s channeled in every film, from “Wanted” to “Date Night.”

It’s hard but we must face the fact that, like Beyoncé, Lonnie “Common” Lynn can not act at this point in his career.

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Do you think she’s hating? Common gives his reasons to check out his movie HERE!

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