Some things you just can’t plan. When we sat down to interview Phonte Coleman of Little Brother and The Foreign exchange about the dissolution of his group there was an obvious feeling of sadness.

After eight  years of touring and recording with his partner Big Pooh, Left Back is the last album they will make as a group. As fate would have it Phonte had some time to kill after our interview before he had to meet up with The Roots to record a song for their new album, so we asked him to come along to hear Capone-N-Noreaga’s sequel to their classic The War Report.

In the true spirit of their name Little Brother, Phonte went into immediate fan mode as they ran through track after track, so much so that he requested to take over the interviewing duties. With his own group going through their trials and ultimately deciding to pack it in, he wanted to ask these elder statesman how they managed to stay together  for so long.

So in part one of this exclusive to, Phonte asks Capone-N-Noreaga  about how they came to work with Raekwon on this album, what keeps them interested in doing rap after all of these years and how they manage their b.i. verse friendship.

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