With the creation of Youtube, up-and-coming artists have a chance to showcase their vocals, make a fan base, and occasionally even score a record deal.

However, with the good comes the bad.  Hip hop heads know there is at least one person they know that wants to be a singer, rapper, or both.  We’ve found the five worst  homemade Youtube videos of all time.  These videos makes one wish technology wasn’t so accessible.

Number 5:  Where Da Cash At? Detroit

This video is just a disgrace.  Detroit won’t stop.  First it was “Sponsor” from artist Teairra Marie and now this?  Come on ladies.

Number 4: Get Your Mouth Away (From My …)

Now, I must say, even though this song is wrong in sooo many ways, the guys voice is HORRIBLE. The song just is.

Number 3: Bangs: Take U to Da Movies

The funniest thing about this clip is that Bangs really felt like this was a banger. He obviously put some money in producing this video, just so it can be a YouTube joke. How disappointing.

Number 2: Its so Cold in the D

I feel so bad for Detroit. What was once Motown has now come to this. In Detroit’s defense, there is still talent there, its just hard to see when videos like this keep popping up on YouTube. Detroit’s reputation with music is tainted. And videos like this is why. Good job ladies.

Number 1: Reh Dogg: Why Must I Cry

There is nothing to say about this video but WOW. Watch and hold your head down in shame.

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