In On October 5, 2007,  former track start Marion Jones pled guilty to lying to federal agents in the BALCO steroid investigation. She served six months in prison in 2008 and as part of her community service she speaks to children across the country, but her own children still don’t know about her prison bid.

“We’ll decide when we think they’re ready,” Jones, who now plays in the WNBA, told ABC. “I want to be a living example to my kids. When you make mistakes come tell us, accept the consequences and move on. When I share my story they’ll be ‘oh my gosh’ but when they see that I’ve confronted it they’ll say ‘we’re proud of you mama.'”

Jones has three children ages 6, 2 and 10 months.

What would you do? Would you keep this information from your kids until they were older,  tell them right away or never?

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