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Damian and Marley and Nas had a concert at the Highline ballroom in NYC lat night. Nas seemed to have the hype man and hook man he always needed while Damian had the right man to compliment his conscious lyrics with intelligent but hardcore lyrics. They opened up with the lead single “As We Enter,” based on an Ethiopian jazz sample, the track features Nas and Damian going back and forth like Styles P and Jadakiss, over a bouncy energetic beat.

Nas had his own set in which he covered several classics such as “Made ou Look,” “Got Yourself A Gun” “Hate Me Know” “One Mic” and several tracks off “Illmatic.” I’m not sure if Nas had breath control problems, forgot is lyrics or was just that confident that all his fans know his lyrics, but his method of letting the crowd finish his lines was great for crowd engagement.

Junior Gong had his own set too, performing “The Mission” and several songs off his hit album “Welcome To Jamrock.” The two conclude with “Promised Land” which features an Aswad beat and a Dennis Brown sample. Overall both artists seem to compliment each other’s style and presence. The full band gave new energy to the reggae/african infused beats produced by Damian Marley.

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