If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Better yet, if you diss somebody from a stage while they’re busy schmoozing with the President, does it even matter?

While skimming the blogs this morning I came across an item where Beanie Sigel launched another volley at Jay-Z at a recent show.

First Beans mumbles through Jay-Z’s verse on “What We Do” then he brings back his “Awready” freestyle and imitates his “Ready B” adlibs.  *Kanye Shrug*

What was Jay-Z doing while this was going on? Planning to meet with Mayor of New York and The President of the United States in the SAME DAY.

During a breakfast with the new Russian owner of the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov, the billionaire called Jay-Z his “soul mate” and that he looked forward to hanging out with him.  I don’t think this will leave much time to answer Beanie Sigel records.

After breaking bagels with billionaires what did Jay do for an encore? He had dinner with President Obama. Yeah, that President Obama. With Beyonce in tow he danced it up at the second White House state dinner.

Does this mean that Jay-Z is a better rapper  than Beanie Sigel? No, not at all.  But Jay is doing the smartest thing he can do–ignore Beanie. Ironically, the song that Beanie insists on paraphrasing to diss Jay outlines exactly why his vendetta is pointless.

So Beans, let this one go. Not because I think you’re a bad rapper or that Jay is some holier-than-thou deity that shouldn’t be touched, but you’re making Jay-Z a priority when you’re not even close to an option in his book.

Besides, Hova is gonna have his hands full with a bunch of angry, displaced Brooklynites protesting his new arena.

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