Kanye West and Amber Rose have reportedly split up, but that’s not the big news regarding these two.

According to Perez Hilton, Kanye’s paid Amber an undisclosed seven-figure sum to keep the details of their relationship and Kanye’s personal life secret.

So what does kind of things does Amber know?   We may never know exactly, but we came up with fifteen little nuggets of info that Amber might have stored under that crew cut.

1. Kanye cries uncontrollably after sex.

2. Kanye really does like fish sticks.

3. Deep down, Kanye does think George W. Bush cares about black people.

4. Kanye had to buy his Air Yeezy’s on eBay just like you.

5. His infamous shag was just a weave.

6. Amber wrote his verse on Drake’s “Forever”

7. He has a showerhead microphone with a built-in Autotune

8. He became a corrections officer after dropping out of college

9. He and Taylor Swift play World Of Warcraft together every Sunday night

10. Kanye isn’t really a college dropout

11. Kanye wants the XXX-rated details of that threeway he had with Amber and John Legend to remain between them.

12. Kanye can’t see s**t out of those shutter shades.

13. Kanye doesn’t walk with Jesus.

14. Kanye’s Henny bottle was full of apple juice.

15. Kanye suffered from premature ejaculation and repeatedly assured Amber “I’ma let you finish…”

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