Q-Tip pretty much sums up how I feel about this song IN this song: “For our generation we’re still the cool kids…” Just hearing Dres from Black Sheep, Q-Tip, Dave from De La Soul and Mike Gee from The Jungle Brothers on one song is an amazing treat for anyone who is old enough to remember crying when Optimus Prime died.

The Native Tongues, a family of groups made up of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep are a modern day equivalent of the Soulquarians…umm..Young Money honestly…there is nothing out right now that is quite like the Native Tongues. You would have to take four hot groups, not just solo artists, and then bring them all together to make a song. Can you say mission impossible?

I guess that’s what makes this song “Birds Of a Feather” even more special. It’s a reunion track of the Native Tongue family featured on Dres of Black Sheep’s upcoming project From the Black Pool of Genius. Check it out. [props to Potholesinmyblog]

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