During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin an exiting battle takes place: Jay-Z vs. Chester Bennington – Rocawear vs. Ve’cel at FASHION ROCK NIGHT.

On January 31st 2009 – for the second FASHION ROCK NIGHT, Jay-Z’s Rocawear fashion label and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s Ve’cel will compete for the fashion crown at West Coast Customs in Berlin.

Not only Beyonce wears Rocawear. Especially in the USA, the fashion label is a big success. With it’s range of sportswear, businesswear and clubwear it offers a big selection of hot urban street styles. Ve’cel by Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington transforms the lifestyle of a rock star into some unique fashion range. During FASHION ROCK NIGHT it’ll be the first time ever that Europeans will be able to check out this label in the wild. Both fashion labels will be presented at the same time during an X-Catwalk at the factory building of West Coast Customs in Berlin, known from MTV’s “Pimp my Ride”.

Beyond the common catwalks the concept of FASHION ROCK NIGHT aims more at some relaxed night of partying characterized by urban fashion and rock’n’roll. The girls and boys of Rockstar Models by former handball superstar Stefan Kretzschmar guarantee some most exceptional presentation on the catwalk.

Apart from the catwalk presentation, Guitar Hero – the superstar of music video games – will rock the house and support the hottest fashion event of the year! The most successful music video game of all times stands for a fascinating mixture of the most iconic songs of rock history, an unrivaled combination of superstars and gripping game action. The perfect add on to some rock’n’roll party of a kind!

During FASHION ROCK NIGHT, the latest edition of the series Guitar Hero World Tour can be encountered by the guests. It expands the famous guitar gameplay by turning it into a complete band experience. With the best guitar controller and some electronic drum kit, musicfans can play tracks by superstars like Oasis, Coldplay, Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi, Metallica or Ozzy Osbourne. For the first time men and women who have the real rock voice can give it a try by using the microphone. Guitar Hero turns every one into a rockstar. And most importantly: It makes you look good!

Tickets for the event are only available via online order:

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