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R&B star Akon is convinced going on tour with Nelly, T-Pain and Pharrell Williams will be a breeze – because the hip-hop stars are all so humble.

Nelly revealed his plans to join forces with his fellow rappers on a new record last month (October 2008).

And Akon is eager to get everyone on stage – insisting the collaboration will be a hit with fans.

He says, “If we decide to do a project, a tour will follow behind it. I think that’s one of the main reasons of doing it.” The “Smack That” hitmaker is quick to add the supergroup won’t follow in the steps of hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z and R. Kelly – whose Best of Both Worlds tour was sabotaged after an alleged feud between the pair.

He tells WENN, “I don’t think we’ll clash. The group I associate with is very humble with no egos. Egos broke that tour down because they clashed. You’ve got two people that dominate the same type of audience and it was a competition. It’s hard to do a tour like that when you’re in competition with the person you’re on tour with. It’s just about supporting each other.”


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