Dada Entertainment, one of the foremost innovators in digital and mobile entertainment services, recently announced an innovative charity drive to raise money for Yele Haiti, the organization founded by multiple Grammy-Award winning musician, producer, and Haitian Goodwill Ambassador Wyclef Jean. The initiative — which launched Nov. 17 — saw a portion of every new subscription donated to support the work of Yele Haiti and their plan to repair schools that were recently destroyed in the region.

We are excited to be able to use our success to give something back through a worthwhile group like Yele Haiti, and we are sure our consumers will be thrilled they are doing their part as well,” said Dada Entertainment CEO Massimiliano Pellegrini. “Wyclef Jean has done such tremendous work in Haiti, we couldn’t think of a better organization or a better person to partner with for our first charity initiative. We wish Wyclef and Yele Haiti the best as they continue their great work long into the future.”

Dada Entertainment supported the charity drive through banner ads and links on its homepage: There will also be a dedicated page on the Dada website describing the program and Yele Haiti. Dada Entertainment CEO Massimiliano Pellegrini presented a check to Wyclef Jean at a presentation yesterday (Dec. 3).

In the world of digital innovation and changing behavior in receiving news and information, it is always great when organizations and companies use their ability to reach for a positive purpose. I am happy to announce our initiative with Dada Entertainment, and am looking forward to working with them and my organization, Yele Haiti,” said Wyclef Jean.

Music fans who signed up for are given 15 tokens per month for only $9.99 ($0.67 a song). Each token can be redeemed for one download of a full-track MP3, ringtone, or other mobile content including wallpapers and games. All MP3 tracks are DRM-free allowing consumers to transfer their download to any mobile phone, iPod or digital music player. Dada expects to be able to offer users over-the-air MP3 downloads to mobile devices in the coming weeks. users are billed for the service through their phone bill via Premium SMS. Dada currently offers all genres of music from Universal Music Group and Sony BMG artists, and will soon announce additional content deals with both major and independent labels.


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