Hip Hop is like wrestling these days, with a lot of trash talk and beef. Still for the most part Hip Hop is as fake as wrestling but every now and then rappers get so mad at each other that they hit each other. Sometimes during battles, sometimes just randomly. Just because your boy Lil B got knocked out, here are the Top 5 Hip Hop Punchouts of the YouTube era.

5. This is a “translated” version of the battle between Math Hoffa and Dose. If you want the original, it’s here. Check for the punch at 2:57

4. E6 and Kesan were characters on “G’s to Gents,” an MTV reality show. E6 decided to come at Kesan sideways in a freestyle and Kesan decided to sucker punch him in the middle of his rhyme. Kesan has since been accused of molesting his daughter and has a rap video defending himself. Check 1:30 for the punch.

3. This battle between E-N-J and Niks coined the phrase “You Mad Cuz I’m Stlylin On You.” Don’t brag about your gun in a rap battle and if someone is mad that you’re styling on them, you don’t have to remind them. Check for the punch at 0:30. Watch the whole battle here.

2. Lil B gets punched in the face by a preppy kid from Berkeley. Was he mad that Lil B looks like Jesus? Or maybe he was a big Kat Stacks fan. I don’t know but dude was just chillin with him then punched him like 8 times.

1. Charles Hamilton took possibly the hardest punch of all the rappers when he battled a girlfriend of his. He tried to get cute and mention the fact that he had unprotected sex with the girl and that she had an abortion and the girl got mad and punched him in the face. Check for the punch at 2:32

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