It’s exciting when an artist releases a music video and they create a new dance to go along with their song. Now you know exactly what to do when it comes on in the club!


The Chicken Head

Chingy- Right Thurr

When this dance came out, it received mixed reviews. For one- the name is odd and if you did the dance did that make you a chicken head? Two- it was kind of hard- the moving hips, legs and arms at the same time. Thirdly- It takes a lot of room to do in the club. Although it caused a couple of fights, cause “chickening” led to battling, it still manages to make an appearance to this day on the dance floor.

Flapping Your Wings

Nelly- Flap Your Wings

This dance requires amazing balance but if done right can be very sexy! Men get right in front of the female you have been watching all night and watch her “flap her wings.” This dance only causes a problem when people do not bathe correctly or just have bad B.O- flapping and odor do not mix.

The Get Me Bodied Break Down

Beyonce- Get Me Bodied

When this song comes on, all men must leave the dance floor! Every female will be patting her weave, dropping down and getting low with it, and if you’re lucky we may tick fight!

The Harlem Shake

G-Dep- Let’s Get It

When kids do this dance it looks cute but when adults do it- they just look like they’re having a seizure- but it’s still HOT!

The Booty Bounce

Now Juvey, didn’t event the booty bounce but this song sure made it o.k to do it at your local dance club. This dance, song never gets old and the only trouble you’d probably get into for doing this is pictures of your a** on Facebook the next day. Play this with some bass in the club and watch every chick go crazy when Weezy goes “Wobbly -di-wobly-di.”

Getting Light

Swag Kids- 5000

Getting Light isn’t very easy. You have to be a very special person to pull this off. “Tow Wopping” and “chicken noodle souping” are detailed dancing and there are so many different ways to “Get Light.”

Swag Surfin’

F.L.Y- Swag Surfin’

I have never seen an entire club mobilize until the “swag surfin” dance came out. Females, males, kids, and mothers all “swag surf” proudly!

The Dutty Wine

Tony Matterhorn- Dutty Wine

I don’t think a reggae dance would be complete if it wasn’t dangerous, therefore rolling your head until your dizzy is perfect. You can “dutty wine” on your head, in a split on your back or wherever you can think of- the crazier the better!


Chris Brown- Yo (3:40)

Chris Brown didn’t invent “crumping” but he hasn’t stopped doing it since he discovered it. He put it in all of his videos and made it more popular than it was, so he will be accredited with this dance. Crumping is dangerous- point blank. You can get kicked punched or jumped on just attempting to watch it. Be careful around this one folks!


RDX- Bend Ova

Daggering is a form of basically humping with clothes on, so if you do not want to be somewhat molested on the dance floor- GET AWAY! It is entertaining to watch though..

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