The documentary Good Hair, directed by Jeff Stilson and featuring comedian Chris Rock, was among the 64 films announced Wednesday in competition for top honors at January’s Sundance Film Festival.

The film has Rock traveling far and wide to examine the complexities of African American hairstyles – from everyday maintenance to the origins of hair weaves.

It’s really deep and funny… I did a Michael Moore expose on hair,” he tells WENN. “(It’s about) the business of black hair – weaves and relaxers and all this stuff. I even went to India, where they get all the weaves.”

Rock and Stilson, (a producer and writer on “The Chris Rock Show”) also traveled to Birmingham, Memphis, and Dallas, to interview and tape some hairdressers as they prepped for the annual Bonner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta.

Contestants come from all over the world to compete,’ Rock tells E! Online. ‘It’s like a black Comic-Con.”

I’m not making this up,’ he adds. ‘Someone’s doing hair underwater.’

The Sundance festival that showcases independent film runs Jan. 15-25 in Park City, Utah. Other films among the 16 in the U.S. drama category include the romance Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, the writing-directing debut of The Office co-star John Krasinski. He also appears in the film along with Timothy Hutton, Julianne Nicholson and girlfriend Rashida Jones.

The documentary categories also include When You’re Strange, a chronicle of Jim Morrison and the Doors; Thriller in Manila, examining the final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier; and William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe, a portrait of the civil-rights lawyer directed by his daughters, Sarah and Emily Kunstler.

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