Midway is suffering a bit of a beating lately, with controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone selling his majority stake in the company for a paltry $100,000, and the change of ownership giving the publisher’s debtors a chance to call in their loans. But if the publisher can endure this smackdown, it may find a “hot tag” waiting for it on the other side.

A Midway representative confirmed for GameSpot today that the publisher’s 2009 slate includes not only the Vin Diesel-starring Wheelman, but also the second installment of the TNA Impact franchise. He did not address platforms or features for the game.

The first Impact launched in September on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PlayStation 2, receiving a positive critical reaction in the process. Originally announced for a 2007 release, Impact was developed by Midway’s LA studio, which was folded into the publisher’s San Diego operations towards the end of the development cycle.

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