As much as I love Trey Songz, I have to be honest and say his and Amerie’s remake of “Let’s Chill” was pretty not good. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great- it fell somewhere in the middle. Too bad these following remakes fell so far from great that they are kind of embarrassing.

Some classics should just not be touched!

H-Town ft Jodeci and Pretty Ricky-Knocking Your Heels Off VS The Original Knocking Your Boots (H-Town)

I really don’t understand what K-Ci is saying in that second verse but I am positive that even if you could- this song would still be wack! There’s two lessons here: Come harder and don’t remake your own classic song!

P.Diddy, Jagged Edge, and Nelly- Nasty Girl VS Nasty Boy (Notorious B.I.G)

Of course Diddy would take a great song, remix it, call it a duet and re-release it.

We Are The World VS We Are The World 25

Did you really need a Grammy award winning director to shoot this? I don’t even think you needed to be a celebrity to be on set nor did you have to be able to sing- Vince Vaughn, Lil’ Wayne-huh? Watch the “sincerity” in their eyes, oh wait you can’t see their eyes because they have on sunglasses.

Amerie ft. Trey Songz- Pretty Brown Eyes VS The Original Pretty Brown Eyes (Mint condition)

Amerie should just give up on a career.

The Dream- One In A Million VS. The Original One In A Million (Aaliyah)

Auto tune, mediocre vocals, The Dream- something just isn’t quite right about remaking or covering such a flawless track.

Amerie And Trey Songz Remake Guy’s “Let’s Chill”

H-Town + Jodeci + Pretty Ricky = Worst Song Ever

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