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Some of black music’s most famous artists got their start as background players before launching successful solo careers of their own. Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Mel’isa Morgan are just a few of the countless others who supported others before forging their own paths.

A new soulful voice, Tiffany Monique, is gearing up to do step to the foreground with her debut solo effort, which is released this week..

For years, the Tennessee native lent her distinctive sound to back-up a litany of pop and R&B stars, from Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder to Christina Aguilera and Kenny Loggins.

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But her spectacular work with the one and only Beyonce Knowles seems to the springboard for so much more.

As a student at Morgan State University in 2003, Tiffany Monique Riddick sang backup vocals on Carey’s BET Christmas special at the request of the ‘Make it Happen’ singer’s vocal coach and background singer Melonie Daniels. That performance led to years of background work before she left the music business to focus on her family.

“I was married at the time and found out I was pregnant, and I felt that I needed to settle down,” the aspiring diva told BV Newswire. But just as she came to grips with how miserable she was working at a full-time pharmaceutical job, she got the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I got a call from [creative director for Beyoncé] Kim Burse, and she said, ‘Tiffany, would you be able to leave tomorrow and be gone for six months?'”

How did she juggle a newborn and tour with Beyonce? CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

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