Last week Casey Gane-McCalla posted the Top 10 Sexiest Female Videos Of All Time, and I decided to bring it full circle and do the Top 10 Sexiest Male Videos Of All Time…

Everyone defines sexiness differently. Some may say its the way you look, your aura or appeal, and/or your actions. The thing about these 10 videos is that they have all those characteristics!

10. Tank- Maybe I Deserve

A man taking blame for his actions and actually considering how a female would feel…priceless. Tank’s sexy physique and sultry voice just add to this sensual vid.

9. R.Kelly- Half On A Baby

R.Kelly is known for his outrageous music videos and unique lyrics. “Half On A Baby” is dark and set in an exclusive mansion away from civilization. In the midst of a rain storm, you can see R.Kelly’s man toy! JACKPOT!

8. 50 Cent- 21 Questions

50 cent’s rendition of a prison stay is as sexy as it gets. Conjugal visits, man fights, muscles, and smooth melodies all contribute to this video’s sexiness!

7. LL Cool J- Doin’ It

Mr. Lick his lips surely picked the perfect name- Ladies love Cool J- you d*mn right we do! LL, rolled around his big bed and into our fantasies all at once.

6. Usher- Nice & Slow

Usher is older now, and we question his sex appeal after a failed marriage, but one thing is clear- “Nice And Slow” had every older woman losing their mind. The vocals, the words, the beat and Usher’s baby face combined will forever remain in our minds.

5. R.Kelly- Down Low

The forbidden, is highly desired and R.Kelly truly proves that some thing’s you should just not have. His lust for Garceille gets him into a lot of trouble, but watching the two go at a secret relationship is pure “adult entertainment!”

4. Trey Songz- Invented Sex

“Invented Sex” was one of the biggest summer smashes in a while, so the anticipation for the music video was high. We weren’t expecting to need a wet wipe after though!

3. Ginuwine- Pony

Ginuwine might just be the originator of the raunchy light skin man with “good hair” craze. He came out with “Pony” and turned making love music into “getting your freak on.” Ginuwine’s gyrations and subliminals in “Pony” make it an instant classic.

2. Tyrese- How You Gonna Act Like That

Who doesn’t love a dark chocolate man with an incredible smile? There isn’t much explaining to do with Tyrese; he is “thuggish,” sexy, strong, and can sing his a** off! The love scene in “How You Gonna Act Like That” is attention grabbing and so believable you’d think his leading lady was his wife.

1. D’ Angelo- How Does It feel

How does it feel to bang your head on the computer screen trying to see further than the camera shot allows you to? When D’Angelo released “How Does It Feel” every woman thought to herself, “it must feel good if it’s with you.” This teaser video showcasing his oiled chiseled body, and neat braids is undeniably one of the sexiest videos of all time!

Top 10 Sexiest Female Videos Of All Time