Did Kobe Bryant not get the “no bitchassness” memo from P. Diddy?  After winning his fifth NBA title a reporter asked the Los Angeles Lakers MVP what the championship meant to him “individually” and he replied, “I’ve got one more than Shaq.”

The room erupted in laughter but Bryant followed up with,”You can take that to the bank. You guys know me. I don’t forget anything.”

(the shot comes at :57)

Most folks thought that Kobe and Shaq ended their long-standing feud after playing together in the NBA All-Star game for the Western Conference. Shaq even cheered for Kobe in 2009 telling him “to go get four” referring to the fourth title. He also congratulated him on his Twitter Page. “I know what you’re sayin’ ‘Shaq How My Ass Taste.”

But these comments last night from Black Mamba make it appear than Kobe is still living up to his namesake and that the beef is still on.

What do you think: was Kobe joking or is he still mad at The Diesel?

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