Check out this song featuring vocals from Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj called “Everywhere We Go.” It is produced by Eric “D-Dot” Angeletti, aka The Mad Rapper.

When the “beef” between them first came to light I joked that this was “4,3,2,1” 2010 without the actual song. But now that this song is out there it might actually be the case. From the jump Kim’s verse goes at wannabes taking her style reminiscent off LL’s shots at Canibus (“young sons fantasizing of borrowing flows”) that ignited their battle.

“Lil Kim stay on ya’ll brain/nothin ass broads trying to come up off my name,” she spits. “Miserable birds rather see me singing the blues/walk around barefoot and give them my shoes..”

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And in Nicki’s verse she does pretty much  what Canibus did, referencing Lil Kim in ways that appear to be an homage, but could be taken the wrong way by a vet with a chip on their shoulder:

“Nicki Minaj [and] Lil Kimberly when they see the squad/bitches better salute like assemblies,”  Minaj spits. Then she closes her verse saying “Get off my d*ck, kick it bitch,” an obvious nod to Biggie and Kim’s classic “Queen Bitch.”

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D.Dot is heard shouting out both women at the end of the track leading us to believe that this indeed happened, but maybe was not supposed to come out.

Take a listen and tell us what you think of this Nicki Minaj Lil Kim “collabo.” Is this what started the beef?


Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj – Everywhere We Go (Prod. D-Dot)

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