Conspiracy theorists unite!

This photo of former Bad Boy Records artist, Craig Mack, shows him holding an “Illuminati” sweatshirt with the year 2010 on it.

The picture, taken by famed hip-hop lensman Ernie Paniccioli, appeared on recently, and Paniccioli left a comment on the blog explaining the story behind the sweatshirt, and when the photo was taken:

“The Shirt was created by my Haitian best friend who is now sadly MIA. He knew 2010 was the date when all types of evil would be manifested both man made and by the forces of nature as in Earthquakes (China, Haiti, Chile) volcanoes (Iceland), flooding (Memphis) and of course BP oil and two never ending wars in the Middle East. Peace, Ernie

PS the photo was taken in 1996 in Harlem.”


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