With groundbreaking music clips like “Thriller” and “Bad” Michael Jackson elevated music videos to “mini movies”  but the late icon did make his way onto the big screen a few times. As we commemorate his life in music on the first anniversary of his death, TheUrbandaily wanted to make a brief stop at the movie theater to reminisce on some good (and not so good) Micheal Jackson movie moments. Grab your popcorn.

Men In Black 2 (2002)

In Men In Black 2 Michael pokes fun at everyone thinking he’s from another planet. While he insists that he can be “Agent M” Zed blows him off saying they are still working on that “alien affirmative action program.”

Michael Jackson’s Ghost (1996)

While this is technically a long form music video it did appear in theaters. Michael Jackson’s Ghosts was directed by film director and special effects guru Stan Winston    and released along with select prints of the film Stephen King’s THINNER. It was released a year later internationally on VHS.

Captain EO (1986)

In this exclusive film for Disneyland theme parks directed by Francis Ford Coppola Michael is a spaceship captain leading ragtag crew of on a mission to deliver a gift to a wicked alien queen, the Supreme Leader.  The plot line was pretty much an excuse to string together several Michael Jackson music videos and dance sequences but no one was complaining.

The Wiz (1978)

In the musical remake of The Wizard of Oz Micheal Jackson played a Scarecrow with serious soul despite not having a heart. Though he did nearly as much singing and dancing as he did acting it’s still hands down Micheal’s best performance in a movie.

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