On July 1st every NBA fan, coach and player around the world will be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out which free agents will end up where. Among the coveted free agent class is All-Star Forward Chris Bosh.

Bosh was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in 2003 in the first round and has racked up an impressive 20.2 pts, 9.4 rebounds in his seven years with the club. So many NBA teams will be making bids for his services this summer.

Earlier this week Bosh shed his dreadlocks igniting a swarm of speculation as to whether he was preparing to play in a warmer climate. He added to that discourse by telling ESPN’s Mike & Mike that the results of the NBA draft held this past Thursday would make it easier for him to make a final decision.

So was the new haircut a sign that he’s heading down to Florida to play ball?

“No, actually it was just time to cut it man,” he told during DJ Irie’s Celebrity Golf Tournament in Miami this weekend. “It was just that time to cut it man. I didn’t want to hold the hair anymore. I know a lot of people are gonna be mad at me. It wasn’t easy. But I did it.”

New York fans should not hold their breath that he was making more room for his head to fit in scullies.

“I was always wearing scullies,” says Bosh, a native of Dallas, TX. “We gonna make it work no matter what the climate.”

So what was he doing in Miami hanging out with The Heat’s official DJ?

“This is my first time at Irie’s weekend,” Bosh explained. “Irie is a friend of mine and I actually just came down here for the weekend and they told me it would be Irie’s weekend. I couldn’t even believe it. So me and my girlfriend get a chance to kick it.”

NBA pundits insist that with the draft day deal between Chicago and Washington that LeBron James has to be headed to either the Bulls or The Heat now. But did the draft offer Bosh the clarity he was seeking?

“Naw, it didn’t work out like I thought it would,” he says sounding a bit disappointed. “I thought the draft was going to be a fire sale frenzy of everybody swapping and stuff. But it really wasn’t like that. My assumption was incorrect.”

Stay tuned for more from DJ Irie weekend coverage and the NBA free agent moves being made this summer.

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