This past Sunday at the BET awards, Swizz Beats son was asked a very innocent question– “Who are you looking forward to seeing(perform)?” He stood beside his father and answered, Alicia!He said some other names too but who really cares about those performers? Swizz Beats didn’t budge, nor did the interviewer but I know if Mashonda saw that, heads rolled! Alicia Keys is beautiful, smart, talented, rich, noble, inspiring, and pregnant with Swizz Beats baby- all the things you would hate the side-woman to be.

RECAP(In case you missed it):

Mashonda and Swizz beats were married, then “Super Woman” A.Keys came into the picture. At first they were just seen on dates, canoodling around town, on trips to St. Tropez, and in industry parties. Keys and Swizz denied their romance but Mashonda was sure otherwise. Now you can catch Alicia key kissing his in public, and carrying his baby…

Alicia Keys recently did an interview with Fabulous Magazine and had this to say about love, and home wrecking:

Listen To Mashonda on Kendra G:

She talks about being legally married to Swizz Beats while he cheated on her with Alicia Keys.

Read Mashonda’s Letter To Alicia Keys:

GALLERY: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz’ Date Night

Mashonda’s Open Letter To Alicia Keys

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