(AllHipHop News) Miami rap legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has come forward to clarify statement he made about his children during a recent interview, in which he referred to them as “sperm donation children.”

Luke made the comments to Nnette of the Mad Hatta Show in Houston when he was backstage, during Hot 97’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta on June 19th.

“It’s important to practice safe sex and it’s important to not have sex without condoms because you’ll be sperm donating and when you sperm donate to angry mothers then unfortunately it’s about a check,” Luke allegedly stated. “When you get a check, the results of that check ends up where your sperm donation kids are online talking bad about you after you spent millions and millions dollars in child support.”

Campbell was responding to comments his daughter Lecretia Campbell made on the Internet, accusing the Miami mogul of being an abusive, dead-beat dad who disowned all but one of his children.

According to Luke, his comments were taken out of context and that key points of the video were edited out to sensationalize the comments.

Campbell  also accused the Mad Hatta Morning Show of being out of line and acting in bad taste by editing and releasing the video. (To read Luke’s full statement go to ALLHIPHOP.COM)

However, Nnet of the Mad Hatter Morning Show has released the full unedited video where Luke clearly says he has “one kid” and goes on to make the sperm donation comments. Watch below at 3:26 mark for the controversial comments.

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