ESPN put new teammates Chrish Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in the hot seat and asked them how they planned to share the ball on one Miami Heat squad.

While the trio is understandably optimistic they did admit that there would be bumps in the road along the way.

“If it’s a bed of roses something is not right,” LeBron said. “There might be conflict but we know that at the end of the day then everything will shape back up.”

Before they’ve even take the court the team is already being tested. NBA commissioner David Stern fined Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert $100,000 for comments he made about LeBron when the two-time MVP announced that he was leaving the team. However, Stern felt that the way LeBron  chose to leave was not above reproach.

“The advice that he received on this was poor,” Stern said after NBA owners met in Las Vegas. “The performance was fine. His honesty and his integrity, I think, shined through. But this decision was ill-conceived.”


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