The Urban Daily has set out to predict the future … These celebs are showing signs right now of scandals that are destined to eventually occur.


10. Jay-Z hates on Chris Brown for making a comeback.

Come on people, it’s going to happen, C. Breezy is going to dance his way back into every one’s good graces, everyone except for Jay-Z and Rihanna. Jay will probably team up with Ri, make a subliminal record that will be featured on both their albums and be produced by Kanye West.

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9. Lebron James actually wins a championship.

Everyone seems to hate LBJ’s decision to go to The Miami Heat, and doubts that he’ll win a ring there. What about the fact that LBJ is one of the best players in the NBA and so is Dwayne Wade–people, they just might win! What will the haters say then?

8. Lil’ Kim melts from the heat wave.

There’s no makeup that can keep Lil’ Kim’s face together and with this heat we’re having in New York, if she steps foot out here–it’ll be a wrap faster than her recent rap singles.

7. Dr. Dre  releases Detox and it goes double wood!

So much effort (Bill Johnson) has been exerted in attempts to figure out when and why Detox hasn’t been released yet when it probably will sell less than Kelis’s “Flesh Tone.”

6. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose date each other.

The two strag-a-long females of the industry will join forces to serve as a “Power Couple.” If Kim stops making money, Amber could always go back to stripping…

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5. Christina Milian and Mashonda collaborate on a Mixtape.

When marriages go wrong, don’t get mad, get even! Air all the dirty laundry on a full Mixtape for all the world to hear. Guest appearances will probably include Tamika Raymond and Toya Carter.

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4. Diddy drops Dirty Money.

If Dirty Money doesn’t go platinum the inevitable will occur–DM will be sucked into the “Bad Boy Black hole,” but don’t fear…

3. 50 Cent signs Dirty Money.

To spite Diddy, 50 will pick up Dawn and the other girl… coax them into smashing his ‘homie’ on camera then drop them again.

2. Nicki Minaj has sex tape before the enhancements….

A photo of Nicki Minaj surfaces every other day of her before her booty shots and implants, so is it fair to say that we’ll get to see those flat parts in motion one of these days?

“Sex game kinky, n*ggas call me Pinky” we shall see…

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1.Drake gets punched in the face.

Drake has really been showing his a** lately. Disrespecting female fans and their boyfriends, it’s only evident that soon enough he will meet his match and get punched in the face like Charles Hamilton. I don’t doubt you have street cred. it’s probably just still in Canada…

You’re not going to get away with stuff like this for too much long…

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