Sure, the ladies think Drake is fly and will fight to get a kiss from him but have you ever looked at him closely? There are so many lollerific things about Drake that I don’t even know where to begin…

Is That Your Girl? Is That Your Girl?

Ok Mr. Canada, where the hell did that accent come from? Since when does Drake sound like  round the way girl?? Skip to 8:50 for the funny part!

Drake Doesn’t Kiss The Girl

Maybe Drake learned a lesson from Trey Songz’ underage kiss controversy at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. He obviously didn’t believe this girl was 18 and eventually took back the coveted kiss. Watch the whole video for the moment at the end!

Oh My God!

For all shit ish talking Drake does about how he’s going to “F the shh out of yo girl!” he sure seemed scared when this fan flashed her breasts at him. Watch for his reaction; it’s priceless!

Drake Falls

Come on, you can’t resist watching stage spills! Watch Drake try to recover after falling on his ass but can’t make it back up.

Corrupting Little Girls

Drake took a seat after getting hurt from his onstage fall for this performance at the BET Awards but what’s up with the little girls at the end of the performance? Come on guys, you did really mean every girl in the world…ew.

Bonus: Drake Does The Dougie

The moral of this video: Drake can’t dance.

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