When Rosie Perez showed up at an AIDS event at the White House recently in a wheelchair and neckbrace, everyone was understandably shocked.The actress revealed that she had injured herself while performing a stunt on the set of “Law & Order: SVU” over a year ago, and had recently undergone neck surgery and a bone marrow procedure leaving her unable to walk.

The stunt called for a show extra to physically shake the 45-year-old.  Rosie says she felt a pain in her neck when it happened and wanted to stop. But she went on to do two more takes and knew right away that something was seriously wrong. She had a slipped disc and a bulging disc.

Even President Obama was concerned about Perez, and found time to joke with her about performing her own stunts.

“Rosie, what the heck happened to you?” asked the President. After she explained that she was injured while performing a stunt, the president comically asked, “Don’t you know they have professionals for that?”

Perez quickly explained that she likes to do her own stunts and the President quips back with  “Obviously, you’re not that good at it.”


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