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The Roots How I Got Over is one of the best albums of 2010 and is probably in their top three behind Things Fall Apart and Illadelphalflife. For the video to “The Fire” f/ John Legend director Rik Cordero created a period piece with a military theme to tell the story. The band does not appear anywhere in the clip.

“The Fire’ is one of my favorite tracks off HIGO and really feels like something you’d hear in the theater,” he says of his vision for the song. ” The line ‘you don’t say good luck, you say don’t give up’ inspired me to create a period piece narrative that stays true to the lyrics while adding another layer to the interpretation.”

While we applaud Cordero’s ability to think outside of the box we thought it’d be fun to theorize why The Roots weren’t in their own music video. Who missed their flight? Contract disputes? Stolen sneakers? Who knows. Again, this is just for fun since  so many of you don’t seem to get when we’re joking here at TheUrbanDaily.

So why can’t we get some brothers on the wall??

5) Rik was only available to shoot on Sunday and the band was hemmed up watching True Blood, The Boondocks, Mad Men and Entourage.

4)There’s no way ?uestlove’s afro was going to fit under one of those military helmets.

3) Manicures for John Legend were not in the production budget so he said effit.

2) The first edit was actually a paintball match in the woods that went terribly wrong when STS pulled out a REAL gun.

1) They are boycotting any video appearances until Michael Vick is made starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now did you watch the video? Mission accomplished.

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