Yup! Whether you’d like to admit it or not Ri Ri’s (domestic abuse survivor and all) career as an entertainer is swan diving faster than Ricky Rozay canon-balling into a pool. Rihanna first popped onto the scene as Teairra Marie’s henchman. She played the back fields for a while– screaming SOS from a distance and humping piano’s in “Unfaithful.” She was cute but all we could notice was her forehead until she chopped off her brown locks for a more edgy look–the media and her fans loved it! Then she hooked up with R&B heartthrob Chris Brown–that didn’t last long, but it catapulted her into mega stardom. After the relationship scandal that shook she and Brown’s relationship she took some time off, soaking all the publicity from an empathetic public.  Then punk rock Rihanna emerged from the ashes. A man-eating, hip gyrating, gun-toting Rude Gyal. She aired her ex C.Brezzy out in an interview with Diane Sawyer MONTHS after the attack happened and fans weren’t buying/feeling it–they thought it was a ploy to sell records. After Nicki Minaj dropped out the “Last Girl On Earth” tour, rumors flew that Rihanna was jealous and things have been downhill from there! Reports began to surface showing how desperate she had gotten on her tour. She was touching herself and even wearin ridiculous outfits onstage for a rise out the half sold out arenas.

We hope Ri Ri can get a hold on her career– maybe take some singing lessons, take some time out the spot light or cut her hair off–oh wait she did that one already! Rihanna is set to appear in a new movie– but if her acting is as good as her singing then I’ll pass.

Letoya Luckett

We thought it was all over for Letoya, a long hiatus from the R&B world after Destiny’s Child broke up and we were sure the ex members were figments of our imaginations. Beyonce made sure we couldn’t even remember that she was blamed for the break-up in the first place. Letoya Luckett’s last album was pushed back several times and according to Nielsen Sound Scan peaked at number 12 on the Billboard 200 charts. Letoya can be found acting on straight to DVD movies, hosting events on BET’s red carpet and on the cover of perm boxes at your local beauty supply store.


I enjoy Drake’s music, I love that he sang on almost all of his album and that he and auto-tune are really good friends, but I can’t deny the logic behind my colleagues ideology of why Drake’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up (I won’t say his name for security reasons). He claims that Drake has ONE more album in him! He feels that Drake over-flooded the market and will piss fans off with an experimental second album. To add to this I think Drake’s street credit will catch up with him and we’ll see a video of him getting herb-ed by Lil’ Wayne like 50 Cent did Young Buck.


Ok let me make this clear Diddy does ALOT of things, he has his hand in almost everything–what I’m saying is over is his rap career. You may think it never started but he has plenty of ghostwriters that can prove you otherwise! Diddy got his start as an intern then made his way as the owner of his own Mega Record Label–Bad Boy. He has produced hit after hit off the strength of hopeful talented artists. That wasn’t good enough though he wanted to rap too. His dancing wasn’t spectacular and neither are his rhymes. You could catch him “all in videos”(thanks for that Suge) building his rap persona(guess it made him feel better). After driving many artists career into the ground he formed Dirty Money in hopes of holding onto Dawn from Making The Band. Dirty Money isn’t going anywhere and Diddy you’re not winning any Grammys for your rap verses in the future so give it up! We at the office all agree that Diddy is a “rap leech” cling on all to everyone else’s career all you want to Diddy, once again your rap career is going down faster than Aubrey!

Jim Jones

Jim Jones hasn’t had a popping hit since “Balling” and even then he sold just enough albums to keep up his hat collection. Dipset broke up, Cam still owns the name–so no royalties go Jimmy’s way. As a matter of fact Jim Jone’s career can be summed up in this video narrated by Jha Jha:

In the words of Chris Brown–Dueces!

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