Oh Foxy. We were so hopeful for your return when we heard about your show at B.B. Kings last week.  But you keep adding on to your string of mishaps like Latarian Milton doing crafts at Satan summer camp.

The last time you and DMX went head-to-head was on 1999’s  “Dog and A Fox” but now you two are just competing in the headlines.  Don’t believe us? Here is the proof.

The time in Foxy world is now 7:30. Please set your watches at the beep.

1) In 1997 Foxy showed two hotel workers in North Carolina her spit game, but there were no microphones around. Her clothes must have been super wrinkled because when the staff told her they didn’t have an iron available she spat on them.  That solo performance got her a 30-Day suspended sentence and 80 hours of community service.

2) In march of 2000 she crashed her Range Rover in Flatbush and was arrested for driving without a license. There were no reports as to whether it was a 4.0 or a 4.6.

3) In 2004 she continued her rampage against hired help and attacked two manicurists over a $20 bill. She pleaded not guilty to assault, received three years of probation and had to take anger management classes. We don’t think they worked.

4) In 2005 rapper Jacki-O claimed she beat some manners into Foxy at a Miami recording studio. Fox denies the fight ever happened but it certainly didn’t help with her image to have a one-hit wonder woman saying she laid you out.

5) In 2007 Fox got nailed for violating the probation stemming from the manicurist incident and was sent to jail for a year.  Her infraction? Hitting her neighbor in the face with a Blackberry. What did that phone ever do to you? While on lockdown Fox spent 76 days in solitary confinement for guess what? Fighting with another prisoner.

Now our girl is arguing with the same neighbor that got her sent away last time and allegedly fought her own entourage at a hotel.

C’mon, son.

Vince would never do that.

Foxy. Get help.

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