Given that Wyclef is planning to run for President of Haiti, isn’t it time some other rappers start taking control of other countries? Here are seven artists in urban entertainment who should follow Clef’s lead and try and run their own country.

7. Will Smith. USA

Obama might have beat Will to be the first Black president, but Will could still be the first Scientologist President. Will and Jada could be the first First Couple to have swingers parties at the White House. All jokes aside Will is intelligent, articulate(he speaks so well) and America loves him. He was also smart enough to be accepted to MIT. If Ronald Reagan could get two terms from being a B-list movie star, it should be pretty easy for the Fresh Prince to become the Fresh President.

6. Drake. Canada

Drake as already said he wants to play Obama in a movie. Well maybe he should play the real thing. Drake is clean cut and non threatening (unless you have an underage daughter). Canadians love Drake due to his run as the well liked popular jock turned wheel chair cripple, Jimmy Brooks on the hugely popular Canadian teen soap opera, “Degrassi.” He should be able to get both the white Vote and Black vote in Canada due to his biracial heritage.

5. Nicki Minaj. Trinidad

Although Nicki Minaj represents South Side queens to the fullest, she was born in Trinidad. Trinidad has just elected their first female prime minister. Nicki would be great to bring some well needed to tourism to Trinidad, as she would remind the world that Trinidad is home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

4. Fat Joe. Puerto Rico.

Although Puerto Rico is not a country, Fat Joe should still be President. He is tough enough, charismatic enough and popular enough to run Puerto Rico. Any body who would dare question Fat Joe would quickly have a visit from the Terror Squad. Fat Joe also challenged Daddy Yankee to a debate after Daddy Yankee endorsed John McCain for President in 2008.

3. Slick Rick. England.

Lets admit it, the royal family has had no swagger since Princess Diana died. Slick Rick was born in England and is hip hop royalty. He could bring back the era of the arrogant aristocrat that England is known for and bring hope to the “Young World” out there and bring back the dope jewelry that English Kings were known for.

2. Shyne. Belize.

Shyne may not be able to come back to the U.S.A. but living in Belize isn’t that bad if you got money. Shine’s father is the Prime Ministerof Belize and he has the name recognition too. Besides what type of n-word runs for Prime Minister of Belize (A Bad Boy). And after getting jerked by Puff, shine will not be surprised at how the U.S. would jerk Belize.

1. Ziggy Marley. Jamaica.

Ziggy Marley is Jamaican royalty and an international ambassador of reggae music and the third world. He has already met with Obama at the white house and countless other international figures. He would give Jamaica a good chance of leagalizing marijuana and importing it to other countries.

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