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James Avery, who played the role of Uncle Phil on NBC’s sitcom “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” says he wants to revisit the role in a movie version of the series.

“‘Fresh Prince, the Movie.’ I’ve been pushing for it for years,” said Avery, who played lovable judge Uncle Phil, in a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles.

“I’m not (kidding)!” he added. “‘Fresh Prince, the Movie.’ They did ‘Brady Bunch,’ the movie, and I was in that.”

Avery, 61, is eager to celebrate the 20th anniversary with some sort of reunion special.

“I could use the money,” he said jokingly, adding he doesn’t know if anything is planned. “It would be nice though.”

Avery is confident there would be a huge appetite for a new “Fresh Prince” project, as he constantly hears from viewers about its wholesome appeal.

“When I talk to people nowadays they say it’s one of the few shows that the family could watch together,” said the Atlantic City, N.J., native, who voices Silverbolt in the upcoming “Transformers 3” film.

“A lot of parents say that they liked it because the parents were in charge; the kids never got away with anything.”

While we’re big fans of the show, we’re not sure a movie version of the show would work… unless in the future, Hillary Banks is botox-crazy four-time divorceé in an insane amount of debt, Carlton came out to the family and lives in West Hollywood with his life partner, Nicky is in college, Ashley’s a single mother of two that only dates white men, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv are retired, Geoffrey the butler was deported back to England, and Will?   Will and Nia Long’s character, Lisa, reconciled and got married, then divorced, then remarried, and have eight kids.

That’d be interesting to watch…

What would your Fresh Prince of Bel Air movie look like? Leave your ideas in the comments!


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