Whoever said white comedy isn’t funny must not have seen these 10 movies!
They say laughing is healthy so no wonder these comedies leave us feeling good!

10.Anchor Man:The Legend Of Rob Burgundy

Funny Man: Will Ferrell

Ron Burgundy is the lead anchorman on his television station until a new hot female employee joins him on the air. It becomes an all out war when she doesn’t want to sit back and just be something sweet to look at. You can guess what happens next…

Humor rating:6

Watch a clip from the movie:

9. Step Brothers

Funny Men: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly

When Will Ferrell’s mom moves in with John C. Reilly’s dad all hell breaks loose! Will and Adam are both middle age losers that have no future but find out that they like the same things–so they become best friends!

Humor Rating:7

Watch a clip from the movie:

8. Pineapple Express

Humor Rating:8

Funny Men: Seth Rogen, James Franco

Yes, white people smoke marijuana too. Thing is when they do it, it gets extra dramatic. Seth Rogen plays a process server who witnesses a violent murder. While on the run from drug dealers he teams up with his weed supplier and pure hilarity ensues.

Here’s a clip from the movie:

7. Meet The Parents

Funny Man: Ben Stiller

Meeting the in-laws is as scary as it gets, but when you’re Ben Stiller it’s just funny. This classic brings you lie detector tests, bombs on an airplane and violent volleyball games!

Humor Rating:9

Watch a clip from the movie:

6. Dodge Ball

Funny Man: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn

Nothing is better than mixing geeks, athletes and fat people! Ben Stiller plays an obnoxious Gym owner intent on taking over “Average Joe’s Gym.” Vince Vaughn isn’t having it though, and finds a way to sarcastically win his gym back!

Humor Rating: 9

Watch a clip from the movie:

5.Knocked Up

Funny Man: Seth Rogen

A night of clubbing takes an ironic turn when Seth Rogen has unprotected sex with Katherine Heigl and impregnates her! She decides to keep it and not have a “scschmortian.” Seth is broke with no job and doesn’t know a thing about having a child, but he has his bros there to help!

Humor Rating: 8

Watch a clip from the movie:

4. Wedding Crashers

Funny Men: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson

Only Vince Vaughn could make crashing weddings look good and keep it utterly hilarious. They encounter strange virgins, cougars and love hopefuls that make this comedy an instant classic! He even turns his player card in and gets married…

Humor Rating 8.5

Watch a clip of the movie:

3. Super Bad

Funny Men: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

A plot to get liquor with a fake id in high school turns sour when Christopher  is involved in a robbery. Jonah Hill is trying to impress the girl of his dreams while dealing with his best friend Michael Cera leaving for college. Jonah thinks if he can get 3 months of practice sex in that he’d be good to go in college as a sex warrior, but he can’t get anyone to have sex with him.

Humor rating: 9.5

Watch a clip from the movie:

2. 40 Year Old Virgin

Funny Man: Steve Carell

When Steve Carell’s buddies at “Smart Tech” find out he’s a 40 year old virgin, they set out on a mission to get him some(sex).

Humor Rating: 9.5

Watch a clip from the movie:

1. The hangover

Funny Men: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha

Three Groomsman head to Vegas for a their friends last night as a “free man” where they run into nothing but trouble! Rufeys and Jagermeister leave the men unaware of what happened the previous night, without their friend who is scheduled to be married a baby and a tiger in the bathroom. These things may seem weird but it’s even weirder how they all got there!

Humor Rating:10

Watch a clip of the movie here:

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